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Environmental commitment

As a professional services business, we believe that the group has a low environmental impact when compared to many other industries. However, we are conscious of the impact we do have on the environment and are committed to making positive changes to minimise this where possible.

We believe the measures required to limit the effects of climate change, including meeting the Net Zero Carbon challenge, are fundamental to our long-term business interests and entirely consistent with our vision and values.

Emission Reduction Targets

A transition plan for the group to meet the UK’s target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Carbon Reduction Projects

  • Targeted reductions in scope 1 and 3 emissions through commencing a transition to ultra-low emission vehicles across the group:
    * Fleet car policy updated to be exclusively electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This will reduce CO2e emissions over the next three years as existing cars are replaced at the end of lease with ultra-low emission vehicles; and
    * Introduced a salary sacrifice car scheme to enable all employees to purchase a low emission vehicle in a tax efficient manner and encourage the transition of our employees to more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Sustainability group

We have a sustainability group made up of employees from across the business who look to develop and manage our plans to reduce emissions and waste across our office network.

Greenhouse gas emissions (‘GHG’) statement

During the year, the group’s emissions have increased in absolute terms, reflecting the increase in scale of the group and its operations, but remain below the pre-pandemic year of 2020. The emissions per FTE have remained at 2021 levels reflecting a 33% decrease on pre-pandemic levels in 2020.

Carbon Reduction Plan

  • Scope 1 are direct emissions from fuel consumption in either buildings or from company leased or owned vehicles.
  • Scope 2 are indirect emissions from purchase of electricity in our offices.
  • Scope 3 are emissions from the use of personal or privately- hired vehicles used for company business where employees are reimbursed based on claims for business mileage.

Emissions which result from train travel, flights and taxi journeys are not included in the emissions table.
The carbon dioxide equivalent (‘CO2e’) emissions data for 2022 and 2021 has been calculated using the emission factors from the UK Government’s GHG Conversion.
Factors for Company Reporting 2021 published on 2 June 2021 (2020 using 2019 conversion factors).

John Humphrey
Group Company Secretary
Reporting Year – July 2022